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Video Concert with Siccas Guitars

In April 2023 Gvaneta had a pleasure to record a video concert with her friends SiccasGuitars team at their studio in Karlsruhe (Germany).

She was excited to try several great sounding guitars of outstanding luthiers. Among them was an amaizing masterpice by extraordinary German luthier Matthias Dammann, precursor and pioner of the double-top guitars. She performed La Cathedral by Agustin Barrios on Dammann's guitar. And another absolutly stunning instrument that she played was Doubletop 2023 by german luthier Michael Brück.

Gvaneta performed some of very famous guitar pieces by Agustin Barrios, Francisco Tarrega and Luis de Narvaez.

The videos and shots of the concert for Siccas Guitars are already online on their YouTube channel as well as on their Instagram page.

Scroll down to watch Gvaneta's latest classical guitar concert by Siccas Guitars as well the previous one from 2021.

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